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Donna Jernigan Talking Business Card

Mark Barnett Talking Business Card


Pricing – A Talking Business Card

A talking business card needs to be short and sweet. Here's your chance to make an impression in 30 to 60 seconds. This is not the place for a hard sell message.

A Talking Business Card taken at our Charlotte, NC location starts at $475 + NC State Sales Tax. This will include full retouching on your business card's printed image, and 250 two-sided cards. You will need to provide us your logo and other card design elements (fonts, information). We can discuss all this before your session.

Additional cards are $49 for each box of 250 cards.

OR- we can give you the image for your own designer and printer. We will take care of uploading the final image (file supplied back to us by your designer or printer) and video to Live Portrait to make it active.

Additional creativity like words appearing in your video, shooting your video or taking photos in different locations will be estimated like any commercial job. We need to know all the parameters, and about how long it will take us to create all the pieces for your custom quote.

For perspective, we charge $275 + tax if you come to one of our locations for a "headshot" shoot, which includes one fully retouched file, and no cards. Video takes longer, but when your print comes to life, it'll add LIFE to your brand.

Hire us to create your video!

The uses for Live Portrait are endless. We're just starting to dip our toes into the oceans of possibilities.

We wonder what YOU will come up with if you choose to hire us to help you create something special.

•Talking Business Cards
•Video Greeting Cards
•Brochures and flyers
•Printed ads (newspapers or magazines)--what a way to explain a product
•Magazine feature photos that come to life!

We've been professional, award winning photographers for a long time, and through Live Portrait we can add a new dimension to what we do. Between us we have over 50 combined years of experience. That's a LOT of creativity at your disposal.

Contact us to add some life to your marketing pieces.