These images were provided by Live Portrait.
We love the creativity each photographer brings to their projects.

Make these images come to life!
Scan each image with the Live Portrait app on your smartphone or ipad.


Live Portrait images can be put on a page in a wedding album.

You can create unique Celebration cards for your clients.

Sports Photographers can create something really special! Watch each teammate demo his specialty.

High School Graduation Announcement Card that comes to life.

Another great way to celebrat a Christmas card with personality

Make Live Portraits

•You are a photographer or videographer who wants to create Live Portraits for your own clients.

•You are a scrapbooker who wants to take your carefully crafted pages to the next dimension.

•You are a mom who is always THERE capturing family moments, and wants to share a fun assortment on your holiday DYI card.

As long as you can provide a clear, low res, good contrast "trigger" jpeg image, along with your under 90 second video, and NAME THEM THE SAME, you can upload to Live Portrait through this website. Click below.


Give them a greeting they will never forget.  Use the Live Portrait app to see these come to life.


More Examples provided by Live Portrait